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JJ Locksmiths is an independent locksmith service based in Lewisham offering a professional locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers throughout the Lewisham borough and the surrounding areas.

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Whether you need us straight away to obtain access, change locks or deal with a lock problem, or by appointment to upgrade or fit extra locks for you, we are on hand to help with a friendly service that is second to none.

Save our number in your mobile phone! You never know when you may need it. Call Joseph on: 020 8099 8971.

The majority of our business arrives through recommendation from existing and past customers. We pride ourselves on offering a competitively priced, high quality locksmith service with excellent after care.

To find out how JJ Locksmiths can help you with all your locksmith needs call us on 020 8099 8971 or send an email.

JJ Locksmiths work in partnership with many organisations including the City of London Corporation and the ones below, we are also members of the National Network of Approved Locksmiths (NNAL)

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  • UPVC Window & Door Specialists
  • Emergency Exit Locks & Related Hardware
  • All Types of Locks & Keys Supplied
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Lewisham Locksmith Blog

jj locksmiths lewisham blog march 2021 Now Approved ULTION Multipoing Lock Suppliers.

We are happy to announce we are now Approved Suppliers of the best Euro Cylinders on the market for Multipoint Locking Doors, the brand is ULTION. Please get in touch to enquire about this super product.

jj locksmiths lewisham blog july 2020 Knowing what to do when you need a Locksmit.

If you find yourself locked out, at home or work it can be stressful enough along with the endless thoughts running through your mind of where your keys maybe. With this in mind you should ensure you call a local, rated locksmith, such as JJ Locksmiths. Local, independent locksmiths like us are usually are much quicker to arrive on site and will not charge over the top, inflated prices such as some national companies.

We are competitive and knowledgeable in our field. Read the reviews online, this will help you to ensure we are who we say we are.

Once you are happy, they are local (you can check website for address/area code numbers) you need to make sure you are asking the correct questions in terms of what they can do and price. Such as;

  • Will you be able to gain entry without damaging my lock or door?
  • How much is the cost of getting me back in my property?
  • Are there any additional fees?
The majority of locksmiths are legitimate; however, since the age of the internet, the number of ‘bogus’ locksmiths is on the rise. So, it’s best to be prepared and have a number handy, or use some of this information as a guide, incase you find yourself in need of a Locksmiths.

jj locksmiths lewisham blog march 2020 covid 19 coronovirus statement.

Hello! We are remaining open at JJ Locksmiths, on the road, whilst we can, striving to keep working as long and as much as we can, as are many of you during these extremely challenging times.

We are taking extra precautions to ensure H&S is paramount and can work from a distance, on the doorstep, in another room and take payment online.

There are without doubt tough decisions having to be made out there by many of you right now as working from home is not a privilege that everyone has.

If you can make just one easy choice in supporting your local independent businesses during these challenging times it might be just what they need right now, to ease the pressure of another day for the real people behind these small business.

Best wishes to all – JJ Locksmiths

jj locksmiths lewisham blog february 2020 Types of door locks – the guide.

With such a wide range of options on the market it’s hard for us to know what might be best suited for our homes and commercial properties.

Usually we would advise you to go for a like for like lock, but this can still mean a lock upgrade such as ensuring it is of British Standard and meets your insurers requirements.

Multi Point Locks - these are fitted to uPVC doors and are considered very secure and require skills of specialist when fitting

Mortice locks are mainly used in traditional wooden door frames. They are available in a wide range of specs but we would always recommend a BS, 5 lever lock for the best possible security.

Cylinder Locks are another common lock type. You can find these on external uPVC doors generally and are barrel lock placed under the door handle. These can also be used alongside a multi-point lock.

Night latch locks, also commonly known as Yale Locks. However, Yale is a brand. These can be used on wooden doors as extra security in addition to the Mortice lock. These are surface mounted as opposed to being within the door itself. We would recommend a Night latch lock is used alongside another lock for maximum security.

For outbuilding padlocks can also be used as well as key locks. Also not forgetting window locks and digi locks!

jj locksmiths lewisham blog january 2020 Happy New year to all of our customers

Happy New year to all of our customers and wishing you all the best for the year ahead of us!

With that in mind, we would like you to be as safe and secure as possible in your homes and workplaces. With many people turning their attention property improvements, locks security should be near, if not the top of your list to do. If someone breaks into your property it can be traumatic to say the least and so makes it a worthwhile investment.

All locks to your property should be in good working order and this covers everything from doors, windows and out-buildings. You can also take extra measures such as installing door chains, letterbox guards and security lights.

Checking the strength of your door and frame is a good start. Strike plates can be inserted and can reinforce doors – as there is no point in having the best locks on the market if a potential intruder can kick your door in.

Next the door locks. Upgrading your door locks is a simple and effective measure in improving security. Locks should be of a British Standard grade and meet your insurance standards.

Depending on your door top you might want to also consider anti snap or high security locks.

At JJ Locksmiths, we can offer you free, professional telephone advice as well as estimates for all of your locksmith needs.

jj locksmiths lewisham blog august 2019 upvc door realignment

Over time a common issue with uPVC doors is that the door can drop slightly, causing the hooks, rollers and locks in the door to become unaligned. Signs of this could be general stiffness when trying to open and lock the door or the need to push up hard on the handle to lock the door.

Eventually the mechanism in the door will fail as repeated force is used and strain is applied to the multi point locking mechanism the uPVC door.

At JJ Locksmiths, a qualified locksmith will be able to realign your door. At times, the locking mechanisms do fail beyond repair and in the case, we are also able to give you a quote to fit and replace a new mechanism. However, at first, we will always try to work with what you have to save you time and money and in order to get your doors locking and fully operational as soon as possible.

Lock snapping is a real threat to your home security and can take just a few seconds for a burglar to snap the lock. This is a growing concern nationwide and requires no knowledge or special tools and so it is becoming more common. This method would break the cylinder and then the cylinder is manipulated to open the lock.

To resolve this problem at JJ locksmiths we advise our customers that they need to be upgrading and changing their locks to anti-snap, British standard cylinders, which we provide. Anti-snap locks, also known as ‘snapsafe locks’ offer the highest level of security and are designed to protect against lock snapping to stop a thief from breaking the lock into two parts. Anti -Snap locks can be fitted to most euro specdoors such as patio doors, wooden & composite, front, back and side doors, aluminium doors and UPVC.

jj locksmiths lewisham blog june 2019 image trading standards

With the absence of government based regulations for the locksmith industry, picking a locksmith does come with risks. Unfortunately, there are too many rogue traders out there who do not have the skills, professionalism or customer service to deal with the lock job you require.

It is vital you look for an independently vetted, inspected and competent locksmith to carry out you locksmithing needs. At JJ Locksmiths we work hard behind the scenes as well as on the job, to ensure we are just that. We are members of the NNAL (The National Network of Approved Locksmiths) and check a trade. Organisations like this are key to help raising awareness of the importance of hiring a recommend trader, such as a locksmith.

When you renew your home insurance, be careful not to overlook the locks on your home. Most insurers will require a minimum standard of lock, being British Standard locks, in good working order on all door and window locks. If your locks do not reach this requirement, now would be a good time to give us a call at Locksmiths to discuss an appointment for a lock upgrade. Don’t forget you not only have to stop intruders entering, but if they do you need to also ensure they cannot escape with your valuable items out of easily opened windows or dodgy door locks.